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Advantages of E-Mail Marketing

There are many reasons to launch an e-mail marketing campaign.  Here are five to think about:

1) Drive your web site traffic overall.
2) Don’t just settle for linking your web site generally.  Be strategic…Use the e-mail to drive visitors to links such as events, special offers, white papers, forms, shopping carts, etc.
3) Build awareness of social media sites and increase “friends”, RSS subscribers, etc.
4) Set-up e-mail messages which can be triggered based on online activity such as purchases. If a purchase is made an e-mail can be sent sending a complimentary offer or coupon.  Or, an abandoned shopping cart can trigger a series of messages with special offers increasing appeal to the visitor.
5) E-mail is often thought of as a replacement to direct mail, but can certainly act as a compliment.  I am always impressed when I receive a branded direct mail piece (which includes an offer) and then within a week following I receive the same branded offer in my e-mail box.  Again, these offers can be for upcoming events, special offers/coupons, a request to complete a form or survey, or simply a request to “Like Us” on Facebook or another social media site.  I have received three of these since the end of the year from large companies such as H2O, Kohl’s and Ann Taylor Loft.  The ability for e-mails to deliver targeted relevant content allows companies to build strong relationships with recipients.

If you do employ an e-mail or direct mail marketing campaign…BE PATIENT!  The first “send” may not generate anything.  But, make sure your plan includes at least three “sends”.  If you are investing in printing for a direct mail piece, purchase enough for at least three mailings.  Think about the “junk mail” you receive.  If you receive it once you likely throw it right into the garbage.  If you receive it twice, you recall seeing it before and may give it more than a glance, but you still likely pitch it in the garbage.  If you receive it three times, you will likely make a decision on whether the offer is appealing or not, thus spending more time considering the offer and the business that is sending it.  Whether you make a purchase or not, that company is probably at the top of your mind when you need their product or service.  Thus, the job of the e-mail or direct mail campaign has served its purpose!  Good Luck!  Call Mindful Mix if you need help planning your next campaign.