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Content is King! 10 Tips To Get You Started

If you haven’t noticed the world of marketing has evolved since the days of traditional marketing.  Costly print and radio advertising, over abundance of printed collateral (i.e. brochures, sales tools), and even yellow page listings are becoming obsolete.  Decision makers are just not able to measure the success of such marketing mediums when compared

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Increase Awareness With A Local SEO Strategy

Why the focus on Local SEO? Consumers have always been in the need for local products and services. What’s changed is their behavior and the tools they use to perform local searches. Traditionally, local directories like the yellow pages along with newspapers and local magazines supplied this information but the

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Advantages of E-Mail Marketing

There are many reasons to launch an e-mail marketing campaign.  Here are five to think about: 1) Drive your web site traffic overall. 2) Don’t just settle for linking your web site generally.  Be strategic…Use the e-mail to drive visitors to links such as events, special offers, white papers, forms, shopping carts,

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