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graphic designBRANDING & IDENTITY
First impressions matter! Graphic design needs to deliver. We help you stand out from your competition by creating an identity that encompasses your values, culture, and the overall message you want to send to your audience.

We work through the research process of identifying key strengths/weaknesses and other variables that will contribute to the story telling components needed to reach key design elements that should be depicted within a new logo.  We provide you with initial logo concepts that reflect the brand and culture of your company.  Together we work through the necessary phases of narrowing concepts and developing the final logo.  We deliver all logo related media files and branding guidelines necessary for incorporating the new logo into letterhead, business cards, and other related corporate communications and administrative documents, unless we are also handling those design projects for you.

From brochure design to sales tools to corporate event invitations, our graphic designers create the printed materials you need to give your audience a feel for your companies products, services, and offerings.

Content creation is one of our areas of expertise. We work with you to draft and massage what your communication piece says with the goal to evoke a response from readers.

We also partner with local printers, that we have vetted for quality work and reasonable costs, to ensure your designs are properly delivered.