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How to Use Social Media Polls to Listen to Your Followers

Knowing what content or products people want to see is not an easy task. Which blog post will get the most views? Which promotion will generate the most traffic to your site or store? Which products will bring in the most revenue? Post your questions to social with Instagram and Twitter polls to hear from your most important advisors, your followers. It’s is a quick and easy way to connect with them and hear what they want from your business. This simple method of surveying tells more about what followers want than you may think.

Instagram Polls

Step 1 

On your home page, swipe to the right or click on the “your story” button in the upper left corner. (Make sure you allow Instagram access to your camera and microphone)

Step 2

Snap a picture or add one from your camera roll for the background

Step 3

Tap the square smiley face icon in the upper right corner to view stickers

Step 4

Select the poll sticker

Step 5

Edit your question and answer options

Step 6

Post to your story with the + sign at the bottom

Followers can vote when they view your story. They can’t see the names of other voters (but you can!), only the percentages each answer choice has at the time they are viewing the poll. They can check back again and again to get updates on the votes. You can view the analytics by swiping up on your poll. Remember, stories only last 24 hours, so your polls will disappear with the story they are posted on!

Twitter Polls

Step 1

When composing a new tweet select the poll icon (bar graph) at the bottom of the box

Step 2

Compose a new tweet- edit the question, number of choices, name of choice, and poll length

Step 3


Followers can vote as long as the poll is still open. You and your voters can’t see who voted or what they picked, only the percentages that each choice received and a blue check will appear next to your vote.

Here are 4 Ways to Use Social Polls

     1. Give your followers specific examples of content and let them tell you what they want to see

Have new ideas? Not sure what will get the best reaction out of your followers? Ask them! Make a poll that shows them two (or more, if you are using Twitter) ideas and they will tell you what interests them the most. This way, you can be sure you are posting the content or offering the products they like and will interact with. Also, this encourages followers to get involved and excited about what is to come for your business.

Ideas for polls

  • If you are a business that offers classes, run a poll on class times
  • Which blog post to write about
  • Which product to launch
  • Which promotion to offer
  • When to send newsletters
  • What to display on your home page or in your store window 
  1. Have fun with your questions to learn more about followers likes and dislikes

Not every poll has to be specific to new content. Ask simple questions to get your followers involved and you will learn about them along the way. You can then use this information to tailor future content to them. For example if 54% of your followers prefer orange over yellow, make your next post orange to catch their eye. Your followers will love the fun questions and won’t even know you are using this to better your business.

  1. What existing content do they want to see more of

What’s working? Give your followers an option of two (or more with Twitter) types of posts, promotions, or products you currently present and let them pick their favorite. This way, you not only know what they like, but what isn’t as popular with them (if your likes, views, or sales haven’t already shown this). You can start boosting what they like and stop devoting energy or resources to what isn’t as popular.

  1. If you sell a product, ask what they are most likely to buy

Post about your products and then let them pick what would make it into their cart. You not only get to show off your stock, but you learn what needs to be front and center on in your store or on your site. Some followers may even be interested enough to make a purchase.

Bonus – Story Questions!

Instagram is constantly evolving and one feature – story questions – just made interacting with followers so much easier. They work just like polls, but Instagram story questions allow your followers to create their own question instead of responding to the questions you make. You can then post your responses on your story, allowing other followers to benefit from this information.

How to use

Repeat steps 1-3 from the Instagram poll how to

Step 4

Select the question sticker

Step 5

Edit the question and color of the box, then post to your story using the + sign at the bottom

Happy Polling!