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Increase Awareness With A Local SEO Strategy

Why the focus on Local SEO?
Consumers have always been in the need for local products and services. What’s changed is their behavior and the tools they use to perform local searches. Traditionally, local directories like the yellow pages along with newspapers and local magazines supplied this information but the digital age has changed all that. Computers and search engines have replaced the yellow pages and increasingly smart phones and other mobile devices are your computer. When was the last time you picked up a copy of the yellow pages to order food, look for a local service or product?  What’s currently happening online is that many sites are battling the search engines for your local attention. While Google is still dominant (and has been since rolling out Google maps in 2004) the landscape has changed: in addition to Yahoo! and Bing, many new local options like FourSquare, Yelp, Merchant Circle and Urban Spoon are giving consumers what they want – reviews and feedback on local merchants and their services or products. All of this focus on local search means that now is the perfect time to roll out a local SEO strategy and grow your business.

Cost a Concern? Local SEO is Budget Friendly
It is possible to achieve great local search rankings without a large SEO investment – as long as you are willing to invest the time.  Local business listings, when optimized, can quickly achieve first page exposure and will out perform expensive, traditional advertising. Study after study illustrates that organic search traffic converts at a higher rate than most other marketing channels.  Consumers are actively seeking you out – this makes search marketing much more effective than traditional “interruption” marketing. Call Mindful Mix to learn about our SEO packages.

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