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integrated marketing communications

Are your marketing strategies measurable?

Are you getting a return on your marketing investment?

Do you have an integrated marketing plan so that each strategy within the plan reinforces the other?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

So much time and money is spent on marketing, especially if you are a business owner wearing the “marketing hat” in addition to all of the other hats you need to wear. So little time is spent measuring the results and understanding how the each marketing effort impacts your company’s profitability.


Mindful Mix works with companies committed to the impact that marketing can contribute towards their success. We conduct a review of past and current marketing efforts, checking for an integrated approach, branding consistency, and measurable approaches to name a few areas. Then, we realign your marketing and business development initiatives or create a new plan that will help to control and measure costs. We want your marketing dollars to not only be creating top of mind awareness but also to be achieving business growth and profitability for your business.